Evolution in Dietary Culture in America

The image of what the perfect body consists of is constantly changing from year to year, and the hard work girls focus on putting on their body should be focused on their education, family, or things of that nature. I believe my topic woutumblr_n14ee7ZNGh1sptln7o1_500 (1)ld be very important to younger girls from elementary school all the way to girls in their first few years of college, like myself. I feel as if girls should begin to understand that no matter how much they diet and work out to have the “ideal” perfect body, that in the end it does not matter. The hype of such standards will come and go and in the end if you are not comfortable with your body now, you will end up following the next “in-look.” At one point in ancient history, being bigger with more sticking to your bones was attractive, and years later in time it shifted to being attractive meaning you were skinny with a slim waste. To understand this topic, girls need to know the history of the how the “ideal” body have evolved over time. They need to understand how things have come and go so quickly, like hair style or clothes trends, and just as leg warmers went out of style, so will wanting a skinny waste or thick thighs.

The main issue of the topic would be how individuals do not need to follow what our society perceives as beautiful. The media tends to implant such ideas through models and celebrities to try and explain to us that this is what exactly our body should look like, this is what is correct. Things such as the famous Carl’s Jr. Commercial, which advertise the newest burger, but using a fit skinny model to lure in costumers. Many girls watching this type of commercial, myself included, wish that they could have a body as such. We believe that what we see on television much be acceptable because it is on the television. It has been a constant issue, and women should have their own personal vision of what their physical perfection is. This issue is important now for the women of our generation because of the barriers women in general have been able to overcome.

Now, why does self-image even matter? A lot of American man and women have put this self-image out there to categorize what is beautiful and what is not. Even for men, manythink-and-thin (1) women are liking their men much more fit and muscular as well. Not only are women changing their diet and falling victim to the stereotypes, but men as well. Across the nation, more men are using protein shakes and going to the gym most often than they ever have. Men and women alike put standards on what kind of people they like which also causes individuals to go crazy and want to make themselves “perfect.” Now I personally feel that women are much more judgmental and look at each other as competition. They compete to have the nicest body, best car, and latest fashion trends and so on. When men put standards on what type of women they want girls are almost competing to get the best body so that they will be the one in a relationship. As sad as it sounds, it does happen very often in this day and age.

In today’s world, the gender roles themselves have shifted to women being in the workforce as well and some men staying at home more to take care of the children. I believe this topic is important for women because they need to put more focus in not their personal looks, but achievements. We do not need to succumb to the idea of how we should look to everyone else, we need to only care about our own thoughts of our self. If we have the ability to give our self the confidence to walk out the house and show off our legs, arms, breast, neck and so on, who knows what we could do with amount of this confidence.  Women need to embrace the body that they have now because if they try to change who they are to fit in with society’s standards, it might be different tomorrow.


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