Know Your Stuff

              There are many individuals across the world that are struggling with the negative views of their body image. I believe what these individuals are lacking is the education of what exactly body image if, what effects it, and the reality of such effects. Provided below are a few articles that I believe everyone should read to better understand why others around them, or themselves alone, are having such a negative body image. Often, it is due to the fact that they are idealizing figures in the media that are nearly impossible to achieve.

1) Body Image

With this article, I believe individuals will have a better understanding on exactly what body image is. It does not simply mean how we physically perceive our body, but how we react to it mentally, emotionally, visually, and physically. By reading this article, readers will be able to better realize how the media effects people’s body image. The media sets standards of what the “normal” or “perfect” body appearances look like. If individuals are more aware of what exactly their body image is and how having a positive body perspective reduces the chances of eating disorders and a lower self-esteem, this will act as a shield to block the media’s harsh messages.

2) Truths on Photoshop

Within this article, individuals will be able to understand how the media configures the human body in ways that are unimaginable. Throughout all aspects of the media, there are numerous amount of manipulated image made to display the “perfect” body. Men, women, and children alike are all given false ideas of what a perfect body is and are trying to work for such body that is simply a figment of our imaginations. I hope people will take out of this article that some things do not always look as they seem.

3) Disordered Eating

Throughout this article, it goes into full explanation of what certain disorders are sometimes blamed for because of the media. Not only does it go into complete detail about where these disorders come from, the symptoms, and an universal examples for its audience, is also provides easy to follow steps to help with the problems. These steps range from telling the individual to educate themselves on the disorder, all the way to providing a journal to help cope with the issue. Individuals with out without these certain disorders should read this article to realize why these disorders occur and ways to treat them. Reading this article not only educates individuals about the disorders, but also includes the larger picture of how the media effects all of us.

4) Weight Management

In our generation, there are numerous trends to try and lose weight, such as diet pills or following extreme diet plans. Many individuals, including myself, do not really understand what it means to either be underweight or obese. If individuals take this time to read the article and understand what percentage of body fat they should have, the amount of calories they have in a day, and if they need to lose weight, they will have a better perspective of their own body. If we can understand all of these aspects of our body we then come up with a fitness plan that best fits our body.

5) Love Your Body

Although this simply lists ways to “love” your body, I feel as if it is essential for individuals to read. This article lists ways to love your body, and after I have read it myself I think of my body in an all different way. It may be cliché and some may think it is unhelpful, but I believe people reading this will take in the severity of my issue. Many individuals do not take or think of their body in these certain ways, and I believe if we all understand how we should treat or body, we can all act as role models for those who already have a negative body issue and preventing other to having one as well.


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