Analyzing the Issue

For generations now, the media has been portraying images of what exactly the “perfect” body looks like. Every generation has had its time in which they obsessed over skinny leg and thigh gabs to large butts and thick thighs. The obsession has grown so strong that individuals have drastically shifted their life to be just like what they see in the media. For example, the most “perfect” body our generation is obsessing over is a women with hips, a larger butt, and bigger thighs. Whereas before it used to be ideal to have skinny legs with the infamous thigh gap. Either way, women all around the world are being extremely self-conscious and have the worst body image about themselves ever. Women, and men alike, fall victim to this stereotype of what the perfect body looks like and spend their days focusing on what is wrong with themselves and how they need to follow insane diets and workout routines to make it better. Now, what exactly is better? Is better some idea the446863195_8cf88b4aa8 media has brainwashed into our head to make us realize that what we see really is not better, nor is it realistic. Should the media itself be restricted to the images it portrays in the world today to better protect individuals from the harsh consequences of having negative body images?

I believe what individuals do not realize is the effects the media truly has on our society today. Take yourself for instance, do you ever watch television or read a magazine and just say to yourself “I wish I had her abs,” or “I wish I had biceps like him?” Now although this does seem so minuscule that it doesn’t seem worth it to change the entire media, what about the individuals who truly wish they had that stomach or those biceps where they begin to work for them. Those individuals who lose control on their main goals in life and solely begin to obsess with what is wrong with their bodies, and not what is right. I believe the media should be restricted to what they display for the fact that do they do not display true images. Individuals are idealizing bodies and figures on the media that have gone through a great amount of editing that it unrealistic. In this generation today, there are wide range of different body types, so why should the media only display out what they perceive as “perfect.” Personally, I believe to help aid these individuals with their insecurities we first have to start off with great role models. I believe if the United States were to have restrictions, it would greatly affect the idea of how the “perfect” body should look like. Ultimately, I would hope that such restrictions would embrace more full figured models and show universal body types in the world.


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